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What a pleasure

I am so thrilled with my Kikka Rice Cooker and have finally made cooking rice a pleasure, not to mention serving in the same "pot" the rice was cooked - almost the best part. The only suggestion would be some instruction (in English) regarding the amount of rice and water ratios. It took me (and Google) a few tries to get that right.

100% quality on product and service

Amazing bowl 12cm , so well made and works great , a nice change from these wooden and stone ones , especially when you looking for refined grains and quality . I recommend you TRY!!! see for yourself . Great service and presentation from Setamono Team.

I have tested the principle of reusing the charcoal. While I had to add on extra charcoal..the reused lot burned well. It is odorless and smokeless.

Gyuto Chef Knife

Light, comfortable in the hand,....razor sharp

A must have in your kitchen!

This little tool is incredible. I use it for slicing cucumber, onion, peppers, carrots and sweet potato into thin, perfect discs. Quick, easy to use and clean.


Great for Korean BBQ

We use the shichirin for tabletop cooking at our restaurant, as part of our Korean BBQ offering.

Perfect size and beautifully crafted

I'm very happy with the product and the service i received in the store.

Natural Tea Towel - Persimmon is heavens gift to any kitchen. When the first towel arrived, I was impressed with the soft touch of it and most of all by its magnificent ability to dry kitchen implements without leaving a trace of water behind, even on large stainless-steel tables. My wife, who is not usually impressed, and who had yet to find a suitable tea towel for drying dishes, was so impressed that she immediately commanded, "order some more, no matter what they cost." I immediately obeyed and ordered more. They are truly a pleasure to use.

Seki Scissors

Awesome product - Thank you!

A beautiful knife, fast delivery too!

Darin at Setamono was super helpful in helping me choose a knife as a birthday gift. I'm very happy with the choice - this knife is beautiful, especially the detailing on the blade. Delivery was super fast - only 3 days!

Aged to perfection

What a beautiful product taste fantastic and will be back for alot more

100% quality on product and service

The the quality of the product is amazing , for our special occasions , being aged like it is , should be respected as such . Will be back

Stunning Dining Plates

Beautiful plates, highly recommended!!

The Best Charcoal you can get for a Hibachi Grill

Can be reused up to 3 times which helps reduce the high cost.
The lower smoke emission makes this the only option for indoor grilling.

Giniro Bowl
Robert Abendanon


Edge Over Ordinary

This knive cuts vegetables and meat like butter. The blade is very well balanced and comfortable to hold. Beautiful utility knive that will last forever. I am super happy with my purchase. This won’t be the last purchase for sure. Beautifully packaged with a personal hand written message from Setamono. Thank you!

White Binchotan Charcoal
Robert Abendanon

The best charcoal for Hibachi grilling!

Kenzan heaven

Always lovely ordering from Setamono! My beautiful kenzan will be a much needed addition to my floristry tools.
I recently bought some books on Ikebana ( “ Modern Japanese Ikebana” - Shinichi Nagatsuka ; and “ Punk Ikebana” - Louesa Roebuck) .. can’t wait to try my kenzan out on these!

A great gift!

I bought this for a friend and it came quickly and nicely packaged. Thank you for your great service!

Niigata Short Grain rice

lovely, cooks perfectly, difficult going back to local rice.

Face Sponges

These sponges leave my face feeling clean and fresh but never dry or dehydrated. They are wonderful and I’m a lifelong fan!

Kikka rice cooker

Beautiful little pot, cooks rice perfectly

Service impeccable , product amazing


Service impeccable , product amazing

Impressed with the quality, originality, and delivery of this product. The presentation was absolutely stunning as well.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the product are truly remarkable.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. my kitchen is complete when i buy a lot LOL the whole set

Thank you Darrin for wonderful service