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Niigata Short Grain rice

lovely, cooks perfectly, difficult going back to local rice.

Face Sponges

These sponges leave my face feeling clean and fresh but never dry or dehydrated. They are wonderful and I’m a lifelong fan!

Kikka rice cooker

Beautiful little pot, cooks rice perfectly

Service impeccable , product amazing


Service impeccable , product amazing

Impressed with the quality, originality, and delivery of this product. The presentation was absolutely stunning as well.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the product are truly remarkable.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. my kitchen is complete when i buy a lot LOL the whole set

Thank you Darrin for wonderful service

Fantastic company to deal with

I recently received the beautiful Japanese Daruma dolls and I must say, I am incredibly impressed with the quality, originality, and delivery of this product. The presentation of the dolls was absolutely stunning as well. Brilliant idea ,they are going to be new year gisft 10 Feb , Gifts to set a goal . 5*

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in these dolls are truly remarkable. Each doll is intricately designed and exudes a sense of authenticity that is hard to find elsewhere. The materials used in creating these dolls feel durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they will be cherished for years to come.

I am also very pleased with the delivery process. The setamono arrived promptly and were carefully packaged to ensure their safety during transportation. This level of attention to detail shows the care and commitment of the seller to provide a positive customer experience.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The beautiful Japanese drum dolls have exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, originality, and presentation. I highly recommend these products to anyone who appreciates Japanese culture and artistry.

Paul Hartley

I don’t know a lot about Matcha but 4 members of my family have been in Japan and they helped out 😊

Cut like a hot knife through frozen butter


Seki Kanetsugu Bread Knife - 260mm
Fantastic Knives

My husband is so impressed with his new knives , LOVES THEM ,shows them off to everybody :)

Chopsticks oh chopsticks!

My husband loves a chopstick and this was a wonderful anniversary gift. Great quality!! And quite fun!

Very happy

For me the size of the Shichirin is exactly what I needed.

It is a very solid grill and easy to use and to clean.

I am very happy with my purchase.

Gorgeous and unique gift

What an absolute pleasure to order this gift off Setamono. Firstly, ordering was absolutely seamless and I had the gift delivered the very next day. The sushi set itself is incredibly beautiful and of a high quality - couldn't be happier!

Bath Towel - Binchotan
marion henman
Summer towel

This is my second towel. Perfect for multiple showers on summer days. Soft, absorbent. Too small and not made for winter in my opinion. Love my towels

Great quality

Products were good quality and excellent service

Quality Product & outstanding service!

I had my sisters over for a thanksgiving dinner, they can't stop ranting about the wonderful experience we shared over my beautiful grill. New memories made. Easy to start bintochan in the pot provided. Safe and easy transfer to the grill and easy cleaning. We had seafood kebabs, lovely pork rashers and even grilled fruit for dessert. Succulent!!

Best part is, i can re-use my bintochan.

The service I received from Darrin was world class. From my very 1st enquiry right thru to the delivery of my goods.

Don't hesitate to purchase, it's a wonderful way to entertain family and friends.

God bless your business!

I will be back for your extinguishing pot.


Item was a gift so I don’t know

Body wash towel

Love this product, the quality is like nothing else I have experienced.

Nigata Koshihikari Rice

We loved the rice but the real test will be when our Japanese in-laws come to visit for Xmas.

Brilliant and Beautiful

It is a beautifully designed and ultra functional addition to our kitchen… and the water tastes wonderful as well.


A fun and beautiful piece to join our floral themed display.

Activated carbon sticks

Wonderful product! Can taste the difference in the water!!


Real, authentic and tasty! Love the wasabi from Setamono!

Perfect Gift for flower enthusiasts

Very easy to use and great quality. Learning the more intricate arrangements might take some practise but I thorough enjoy my Spiky Frog.

Kailan Haruto Plate
Bettina Mellis
Snack plate

Beautiful plate for serving snacks or a small salad. Just love all things Japanese :)

Kanji Bowl
Bettina Mellis
Stunning bowl

These bowls have a lovely feel to them and are useful from soup bowls to salad and pasta. Good size for one portion or as a snack bowl at a party.