Made by Yamada Sen-i Musubi, which was first founded in 1937, our beautifully designed Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths that are generally used for carrying items, wrapping goods or presents and for interior design.  The added advantage is that you can also wrap your Furoshiki into a bag by using our various Furoshiki rings or Furoshiki Patchin.

      Because it's often used as gift wrapping, or for carrying around larger, bulkier items - that people may see - the aesthetics of a Furoshiki are a little more considered than a Tenugui. Furoshiki can be made from more expensive materials such as silk, and often feature beautiful and elaborate hand-painted designs.

      The edges of a Furoshiki cloth, unlike a Tenugui, are typically hemmed to prevent fraying. This stitching is not just for show, it’s also because in its regular daily use, the Furoshiki may be exposed to rougher settings.

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