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      Are you daring and adventurous when it comes to food?  Are you at the front of the queue when a never-seen-before innovative style of cooking comes to town? Then this is for you. Grills of Japan offer brilliantly clever grills that bring cooking fun and live food theatre straight to the heart of your own home.

      Shichirin (Ceramic base) and Konro grills (Konro grills made from Diatomaceous Earth which is millions of years old), are exquisitely designed and crafted, portable cooking grills using charcoal as fuel. The Japanese have been cooking food this way for thousands of years and now we can experience for ourselves this exciting new culinary adventure.

      The pleasure of cooking over a hot grill brings the simple life pleasure that we as a nation truly appreciate. Enjoy your Grills of Japan experience and take it with you wherever you go.                

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