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      The Awaji Island of Japan is the prominent birthplace of numerous incenses since around the 1840’s, when the winds blowing from the West and the climate of Awaji Ichinomiya district was discovered to be ideal for incense making. Trunk Design selected ten soothing scents straight from Awaji Island, where 70% of incense production takes place.

      The main ingredient for their incense is ‘tabu powder’, from the powdered bark of the Machillus Thunbergii tree (‘tabu no ki’), which has adhesive properties and burns slowly. The powder is kneaded with water to make clay, then blended with fragrant wood for the aroma, and dye is added for color.

      Choose from 10 beautiful scents in our Daily Incense Stick Range: Japanese Cypress / Sandalwood / Gardenia / Camellia / Casablanca / Sage / Lavender / Geranium / Tea Tree / Ylang Ylang

      Our range from Trunk Design spans:

      • Single Incense (10 scents) - 1 Aroma
      • Incense Assortments (4 themes) - 3 Aroma
      • Incense Assortments (2 themes) - 5 Aroma
      • Wooden Oiled Incense Stand

      Choose from 5 beautiful scents in our KU Washi Incense Range: Japanese Cypress / Marin Woody / Sage / Lavender / Tea Tree.

      • Options include Branches, a Tree and Gift Sets.
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