Easy Summer Entertaining with a Shichirin


The Shichirin is a wonderful, authentic Japanese tool to have in your home that brings friends and family together. With the beautiful warm summer evenings in full swing, there’s no better reason to invest in this incredibly versatile grill that will bring you plenty of great meals and special moments now and for years to come. 

One of the reasons that it’s one of our personal favourite kitchen accessories is that it encourages togetherness by sitting together around the grill. Typically, everyone prepares their own food as desired, making it an inclusive occasion where your guests are involved in the preparation of the dishes. 
Grills of Japan Shichirin


We were completely blown away by the incredible demand for our Grills of Japan Shichirin. The batch that we received when we launched the product, sold out in only four weeks! Luckily we planned ahead, having just received our next shipment, so the Shichirin grills are back in stock – available both online and in-store. 

Its versatility for both indoor and outdoor use makes it a winner for those glorious days outside as well as when the weather doesn’t quite play along. When being used indoors, the Shichirin requires binchotan charcoal and sufficient ventilation and can be used outdoors using either binchotan or regular charcoal. Combined with using Grills of Japan White Binchotan Charcoal or our Japanese Kishu Binchotan, this Shichirin will hold its heat for much longer than with regular charcoal, along with the added benefits of no smoke or smell. 

The table grill is portable, so you can take it with you on your next trip, whether it’s to your next glamping destination, or simply from the kitchen to the dining room table!

Washing up when entertaining is the absolute last thing on anyone’s mind, so you’ll be pleased to know that cleaning this Shichirin is a breeze thanks to its ceramic base and glazed finish, inside and out. 

Yet another reason to love this Shichirin is that it comes with a Grills of Japan-branded bamboo board to help protect your table as well as a fireproof base for added protection, as well as a handy grill mesh tool lifter.

Heritage of the Shichirin

In Japan, Shichirin Grills were widely used until the 1960s. They were especially popular for grilling fish, meat and vegetables. Today, they’re mostly used for outdoor barbecues and at restaurants that want to give the dish an authentic Japanese flavour. 

The name Shichirin means “seven circles”. Some people say that this is because its bottom pan has seven holes, while others think it’s because the amount of charcoal needed for each lighting only cost seven rin.


Shichirin vs BBQ/Braai

The biggest difference between a Shichirin and a typical barbecue grill or braai is their cooking outcomes. While most braai and barbecue grills are made of metal, Shichirin grills are made of diatomaceous earth or ceramic materials. Ceramics can even enforce the far-infrared rays to make the ingredients juicier.


Authentic Ingredients

Whether you’re after a simple recipe that celebrates the main ingredients or a complex dish with layered flavours, find essential Japanese ingredients for Shichirins that will give your dish authentic flavour and flair. 


Tsuru Miso Paste

Uniquely blended barley miso with pure yuzu and sesame seeds to attain the perfect harmony of taste and umami. It’s absolutely delicious on grilled fish, lamb and just about anything! 

Made from green chilli peppers, yuzu kosho is a must-have ingredient for chicken Yakitori that gives it a refreshing scent and crisp spiciness. Can also be added to rice, yakitori, noodles, vegetables, gyoza, salad dressing, marinade, soups and more.  
Yuzu Salt
This yuzu salt is made without any colouring or additives, just pure Japanese salt with lots of minerals. It is a natural, flavorful salt with good nutritional value.


Shichirin Accessories

Essential accessories that will help you grill the truly Japanese way on your Shichirin. 


Made from high-grade stainless steel, these 20cm step tweezers come in a range of different colours and are great for each guest to turn or plate their own food. 


From R200.00
A set of stainless steel skewers are ideal for individual kushiyaki/yakitori or 6 ring skewers for whole fish or fish fillets.
Made in South Africa these are our first branded Binchotan Extinguishing pots.  
This tool enables you to easily and effectively light and save you binchotan in the very same pot. 


The charcoal starter pot is a very useful tool enabling you to light your binchotan charcoal ready to be transferred to your Shichirin, Konro or Hida Konro grill.
One of the great advantages to using binchotan is that it produces consistent heat that can be easily controlled.