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Although there’s currently a “Binchotan Boom” around the world due to its phenomenal benefits, this revered charcoal is certainly no new kid on the block. It’s steeped in ancient history, having first been developed in Japan over 300 years ago.

Historically, binchotan has been used for both cooking and in the home, and is well-loved for its purifying, deodorising and restorative properties. It’s also incredibly porous and filled with countless microcavities, allowing it to efficiently absorb impurities from the water, air and even skin. Best of all, binchotan can be used over and over and then can be returned back to the earth, where its benefits continue.  

While you may have heard about binchotan for grilling food and purifying water, its benefits and uses are far-reaching. Here are some of the wonderful ways you can use binchotan products to enrich your health and home.


Binchotan is made from hardwood branches that are fired in ceramic kilns at extremely low and then high temperatures, over several weeks. When the kiln flames are rapidly smothered in sand, ash and soil, it carbonises the wood and creates binchotan charcoal – the purest, highest-Carbon charcoal on earth.


Known as The King of all Charcoals and prized by chefs globally, binchotan is a firm favourite for grilling meat because it tends to preserve the flavourful aroma, giving you a beautiful sear. It has long steady burning properties that result in a juicer texture and heightened flavours, along with little to no smoke. Unlike regular black charcoal, binchotan charcoal, or “white charcoal”, will burn for three to five hours, and with constant heat.

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Towels, dishcloths, sponges and bathmats
Towels, dishcloths, sponges and bathmats are hardworking tools in the home as they are constantly damp, yet need to remain free from bacteria at all times. Materials that have binchotan incorporated into them ensure they are superior in breathability and water absorbency, as well as being naturally antibacterial and anti-odour. A winning combination! 

Prevent odour, dampness and mould 
Add a stick of binchotan to your closet, drawer, fridge and other areas where you’d like to remove unwanted smells and prevent dampness and bacteria. Be sure to dry out and air the stick in sunlight every few weeks. 

Air purifier
In addition to drawing toxins from the air, binchotan is believed to contain negative ions, which it releases into the atmosphere. Place a couple of sticks in a jar next to your bed for a deeper night’s sleep and to cleanse the air from harmful particles to help relieve asthma and allergies.  

Toxin remover
Add a stick of binchotan (as is, or in a muslin bag) to your bath to remove impurities in the water. It also emits far infrared rays that enhance blood circulation. 

Electromagnetic wave absorber
Place your binchotan stick near electrical appliances such as microwaves, TVs, computers and mobile phones to help block the harmful electromagnetic waves they emit.

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Water filters

Binchotan attracts and draws out positively-charged toxins like chemicals, heavy metals and E.coli from your water, while balancing an acidic pH and depositing beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Simply add charcoal koins to your water bottle, or sticks of binchotan to your jug or dispenser for a long-lasting and earth-kind water filter. 

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KURō-Bo Water Filter Sticks – R199


As you can see, binchotan charcoal is a little piece of nature that just keeps on giving with its exceptional benefits and qualities. Whether you use yours to cook, purify water, and air or add functionality to your home, once you go binchotan, you never go back. 


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