Setamono Japanese Homeware, a contemporary Cape Town-based homeware boutique, brings the everyday joy of Eastern ceremony into your home.

If you head to Setamono in The Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village, you’ll discover a treasure trove of bespoke lifestyle accessories hand-picked from selected suppliers throughout Japan. The curated collection includes a singular selection of top-tier Japanese tableware, cookware, knives, hibachi grills, binchotan charcoal, decor, organic incense, furoshiki, bed & bath accessories, matcha necessities, and much more. 

Inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, Setamono brings sophistication to South African homes. The term Setamono originates from a revered place in Japan, known for its centuries-old tradition of crafting exquisite tableware and culinary essentials. With a nod to this legacy, Setamono transcends borders to redefine the concept of fine living and unique gifting. ”Setamono takes the Japanese importance of specialism and the emphasis on ritual and ceremony, and brings it to South Africa in a way that is accessible but does not lose the exclusivity,” says Darrin Morrisby, owner and founder of Setamono. 

Setamono Japanese Homeware

Darrin drew his inspiration for Setamono from a deep passion for exclusive hospitality and design. This passion was cultivated over two decades with his experience in the fine dining industry, extensive travels, and dining in some of the finest Japanese restaurants worldwide. Darrin’s journey began with his growing admiration for Eastern culture, ethos, and attention to detail. This admiration led him to explore Japanese homeware in London, Japan, and eventually, South Africa.

“I wanted to add a new element to dining out in South Africa, which seemed generally a little uninspiring when we moved here in 2015. We canvassed opinions from many of the top chefs at the time and there was a real appetite for newness,” he says. 

Travelling to Japan over the recent years has only amplified Darrin’s love and appreciation of all things Japanese. “At Setamono, we embrace the philosophy that every object should spark joy and enhance everyday living. From the unparalleled precision of Japanese knives to the exquisite simplicity of tableware, each item is curated to evoke a sense of delight and wonder,” says Darrin. 

”We identify a niche in the market and then work backwards to find suppliers who fit with our commitment to craftsmanship. Our focus is on brands which are not widely found in the South African market,” he explains. ”We’re also part of an incredible business incubator programme and have informal consultants in Japan assisting with identifying new and emerging opportunities.”

While Setamono’s roots may lie in the realm of culinary craftsmanship, the boutique has evolved to encompass a diverse array of Japanese treasures reimagined for modern living. ”It’s not just functionality… it’s about the experience of using these products and how it enriches your day-to-day life”.