Discover EASTERN ELEGANCE with Setamono Japanese Homeware

Based in Cape Town, Setamono Japanese Homeware expertly blends Eastern tradition with contemporary lifestyle through its curated collection of Japanese and Japanese-inspired lifestyle accessories.

From elegant tableware and precise kitchen knives to organic incense and unique furoshiki wraps, every item is sourced from, or inspired-by, Japan's finest craftsmen.

Founded by Darrin Morrisby, whose passion for exclusive hospitality and Eastern design was kindled during his travels and experience in the world's top Japanese eateries, Setamono is a celebration of sophisticated living. Alongside his wife and business partner,

Camilla, Darrin offers a gateway to authentic Eastern culture and craftsmanship, tailored for South African connoisseurs. "At Setamono, we believe in enhancing daily life with objects that bring joy and beauty," says Darrin.

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VIA: Absolute WOMAN