Seki Kanetsugu Santoku 17cm

Seki Kanetsugu Santoku 17cm

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Built on six centuries of sword making tradition. 

Timeless design combined with the sharpness, strength and durability of a Samurai sword - KANETSUGU Knives bring functional elegance to your kitchen.

Kanetsugu has been a renowned maker of Samurai swords and blades for more than 170 years. Since 1849, their tradition of Samurai sword making has been passed down through generations of legendary bladesmiths and is still reflected in the quality of the knives they make today.

When the demand for swords diminished after 1870, Kanetsugu continued as a maker of fine kitchen knives incorporating their unique "HAMAGURI" (clam shape) blade - known to be razor sharp yet highly durable.

Since then, Kanetsugu has advanced the sharpness, durability, and performance of their knives with cutting-edge technology while staying true to their elegant aesthetic. To this day, Kanetsugu’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship has remained the same.


This sophisticated knife with a wooden handle is crafted into a heptagon shape, offering you a secure grip and balanced heft.

The knife incorporates a “Hamaguri” shaped blade, originating from the Samurai sword, that let you cut effortlessly in a straight line. The detailed hammer-forged patterns on the blade reflect traditional bladesmithing techniques.

The core of the blade is made out of high quality stainless steel called VG2 which is clad between the layers of SUS410, a stainless steel with low hardening characteristic helps to prevent the cracking of the metal. 
Together, they build one of the most durable and long-lasting blades. Our special heat treating technique combined with sub-zero cooling at -70 degrees Celsius creates extremely durable, flexible, unbreakable blades with superior edge holding ability.

-Blade: Core VG-2, 3 layers
-Handle: Laminated reinforced wood
-Handcrafted in Seki-city, Japan
-Hand Washing Recommended