Seki Kanetsugu Knives

Bringing Japanese Craftsmanship to your Kitchen


Imagine a knife that embodies the sharpness and brilliance of traditional Japanese samurai swords combined with the latest technology and relevance for modern cooks. 

Built on six centuries of sword-making tradition, Seki Kanetsugu is a name that is synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, amazing sharpness, and astonishing strength and durability. They’re lightweight and laser thin, made from hand-forged, powdered stainless steel, and not to mention they’re incredibly elegant and pleasing on the eye. 

In case you can’t already tell, we believe that every serious home cook needs a Seki Kanetsugu knife in their kitchen. Here’s why their hard-working designs are simply legendary. 

The Legendary Swordsmiths

The history of Seki Kanetsugu dates back over 170 years, where their tradition of Samurai sword-making has been passed down through generations of legendary bladesmiths, which is still reflected in the quality of the knives they make today.

Around 1870, the demand for swords started to diminish and Kanetsugu continued as a maker of kitchen knives, while keeping their unique Hamaguri (meaning clam shape) blade, which originated from the Samurai sword. This edge enables the knives to make low friction clean cuts and remain sharp for a very long time. 

Over the years, Kanetsugu has continued to refine and adapt the design and performance of their knives while staying true to their beautiful, timeless and elegant aesthetic. Today, Kanetsugu knives are the ultimate dream knife for many cooks, and are loved not only in Japan, but also throughout the world. 

Introducing the Heptagon Wood Range

Setamono is immensely proud to now stock the Heptagon Wood Range, a sophisticated knife with a wooden handle that has been ergonomically designed and crafted into a heptagon shape. The result is a secure grip and the ability to slice effortlessly with just the right pressure. Combined with the razor-sharp Hamaguri-shaped blade, cutting in a straight line is an absolute breeze. 

The core of the Heptagon Wood knives are handcrafted using high-quality stainless steel layers (VG-2 and SUS410), providing maximum strength like you’ve never experienced before. We also adore the detailed hammer-forged patterns on the blade, which reflect traditional bladesmithing techniques. 

The Collection

Utility Knife (15cm) –  Longer than a paring knife but shorter than a chef’s knife, this tool is an all-round in the kitchen. 

Chef’s Knife
(20cm) – The most versatile tool in your set and your go-to for chopping and dicing most vegetables, fruit, herbs and meat. 
Santoku (17cm) – A general purpose knife with no tip and a slightly thinner blade than the chef’s knife, to allow for more refined slicing. 
3 Piece Set – A beautifully boxed set of 3 daily use kitchen knives: bread knife, chef’s knife and utility knife.  


There’s simply no question about it – a Seki Kanetsugu knife will undoubtedly be one that you’ll use day-in and day-out, and cherish having in your kitchen for years to come.

Pop into the Setamono Japanese Homeware store to view the Seki Kanetsugu knives beauty first-hand, or shop online.  

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