Kimono Obi Silk Bags & Pouches


      Enjoy the exclusivity and elegance of the vintage Japanese Kimono and Obi by incorporating them into your daily life with our exciting new custom-made multi-purpose 100% silk pouches and cross-body bags from Obico.

      Add a bit of Tokyo essence in to your everyday life, Obico transforms vintage kimono and obi into wearable art. These eye-catching, unique and truly beautiful flat pouches are the definition of one-of-a-kind and each can never be repeated. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one! 

      You can also find beautiful 100% silk fabric panels to hang as art on your walls from Setamono.

      Exclusively only 1 pouch, bag or panel is made so each is 100% unique in its design.

      Who are Obico?

      Obico pride themselves in transforming vintage kimono and obi into unique, decorative and wearable art. They only use high quality kimono and obi fabrics and offer three ranks - ultimate (S-class), premium (A-class) & standard (B-class). The obi fabrics selected by obico are ranked according to their own standards under the supervision of the holders of the certification of the Japan Kimono Association, taking into consideration many quality factors comprehensively.

      In the world of kimono and obi, there are several methods of categorizing the patterns.
      The most common method is categorizing by their “proper noun”, like animal, nature, flower and so on. They can also be categorized according to their “location and usage” or “history and story”. Learn more about the patterns here:

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