TOWELS: All our artisan Japanese bed and bath ranges, spanning towels, mats and throws, are produced by Maruyama Fiber Industry Co., Ltd.

      The woven fabrics are ideal for babies and people with sensitive skin. They are 100% naturally made with no dyes or chemicals used during production. Their super absorbent, quick-drying properties are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen and they are high quality, durable and soft to the touch. Furthermore the Binchotan Charcoal and Persimmon infused towels, mats, throws and cloths are naturally antibacterial and anti-odor.

      Maruyama Fiber Industry Co. Ltd was founded in Nara, Japan in 1930, where they began manufacturing traditional mosquito nets woven from cotton and hemp fabrics. Mosquito nets however lost their relevance in Japan and Maruyama cleverly adapted their net fabric using traditional weaving technologies, into a line of multipurpose eco-cloths and towels.

      KONJACS: Made by Yamamoto Farm in the Gunma Prefecture our konjac sponges are organic and 100% natural using plant based ingredients. The konjac removes impurities and is gentle on your skin.  It becomes a fluffy sponge when placed in hot water.

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